Atelier Mondial

Exposition KONNEXIONES Atelier Mondial – Bâle
“Konnexiones” is a collective exhibition project that will be held from 14 July to 20 August at the “Atelier Mondial” art institute in Basel.It presents works by Sébastien PRETOT, Bëërt SANCHEZ, Ouissem MOALLA & Gérard DUMORA.

” The exhibition project «Konnexiones» is meant to be an implicit parallel with the mechanics of the world. It is the cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques, influenced by knowledge and cultures, which have given place to a spontaneous production of collaborations.[…] ”

” The exhibition project Konnexiones was born in the studios of the cultural structure Motoco installed in an industrial wasteland of former DMC mills in Mulhouse – France. The Motoco project, initiated in 2013, now includes artists’ studios and a varied research office native to the three borders (France,Swisserland, Germany), and also benefits from an international affluence within the residences it welcomes.The post-industrial environment has a strong impact on artistic research. The place characterized by a geometric and rhythmic architecture is still synthesized by atypical materials of a century past, favoring the use of materials of industrial origin. The proximity of the artists presented at the exhibition is an evolution in this particular setting.[…]”     Extract of texts: conceptual approach