Created in January 2015 in the heart of the industrial brownfiels DMC (textile factory in Mulhouse), the association Vortex-X, under the leadership of eco-designer Gérard Dumora, produces monumental and ephemeral works from an ultimate scrap of the industry – nonwoven.

The first Vortex-X installation symbolizes the rebirth of this emblematic place of Mulhouse’s industrial past.

Vortex-X fits naturally into the urban art and land art movement. Very visible, these thin white strips fill the space and sculpt it little by little.

Monuments, public buildings, brownfields, natural spaces, indoors and outdoors, there is no place where Vortex-X cannot find its place.

It’s this chosen place, full of meaning and history, which forstersthe artworks by nature ephemeral.

Vortex-X appropriates the place that hosts it, respects it. By day, the work marks by its whiteness, and by night, it takes on another dimension where the lighting becomes the highlight.

The environment becomes part of the work and invites to reflection on the impact of our society and on the resources of the Planet.

Through the nature of the material used, Vortex-X pursues the double objective of enhancing an industrial waste into an artistic work and to raise questions about one of the fundamental issues that human beings face today : that of everyone’s commitment to preserving the environment.

Members of the association

Ephemeral and upcycling – two words that describe the spirit of the Vortex-X.

Gérard Dumora

Gérard Dumora

Eco designer – Artistic direction

Jacqueline Lauth

Jacqueline Lauth


Alain Buraglio

Alain Buraglio


Sophie Buraglio

Sophie Buraglio


Maïté Dumora

Maïté Dumora



Vortex-X – Urban Art

The constructions often require an in situ location, the attachment points are determined upstream.They can be directly on buildings, on masts, scaffolding or containers and sometimes a 3D modeling is necessary, this is carried out by XBIM – Strasbourg.

Depending on the duration of the installation, resistance to climatic conditions is studied,a maintenance may be necessary, Vortex-X works being ephemeral by nature.

When we work in public space, the provision of Cherry picker is essential for working at height.

Often we work with volunteers from each location where we install. Generally, the city calls for volunteers explaining our environmental approach.

During disassembly, the non-woven strips are kept and reused in another form – making dreamcatchers, for example or any other uses.

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